6 January 2020

Give your business the best start possible to 2020 with our Four Week Website Tune Up.

Over the next four weeks we’ll go through the simple steps you can take to tune up your website and improve its performance.

A lot of people think that once their website is up and running they can set it and forget it, infrequently updating the site and focusing on social media marketing channels.

Neglected, slow websites with outdated content can reflect badly on your business, something you definitely want to avoid.

Like a car that you service regularly a website needs a little maintenance to keep it running smoothly and we’ve made it easy for you to do this over the next four weeks.

Over the next four weeks we will cover the following topics:

We know your time is precious so we’ve divided the topics up so that each week’s tasks shouldn’t take longer than an hour.



Start with your home page and go through every single page of your website as if you’d never seen it before. Check the following items in turn:

  1. Content – are your prices, services, dates, products, opening hours, contact details (and any other information about your business) up to date? If not then update it now, having outdated information on a website looks unprofessional and is misleading for users.
  2. Links – click on every link and make sure they are all working. If a link is broken then either update it or delete it. Alternatively, and especially if you have a large site with many pages, you could use a plugin to check your links for you (eg )
  3. Forms – Check any forms on your site are working correctly (mailing list sign ups, contact forms etc) by filling them in as if you were a new website user.
  4. Proofread – Read through your website content looking for typos and grammatical errors and correct any as you find them.


Your home page is probably your most visited page and is your online equivalent of your shop window.

Think about a shop you’ve never been in before, if the window was clean, inviting, well styled and clearly showed what the shop sold you’d be more likely to go in compared to a shop with a dusty window filled with a jumble of items with faded price tags.

What you need to do for this task depends on the type of business you have, leave out any items that aren’t relevant. What’s important is that by the end of the task your home page looks better and communicates clearly to your customers what you do. If it’s been a while since your site was developed, does your overall theme need a refresh?

Go through the following items and assess your homepage, asking yourself the following questions and making changes as you go.

  1. Is it clear what you do? Go to your homepage and look critically at it. Would a brand new visitor know within a few seconds what your business does? If so, great, if not then you need to think about why and how you can improve your content to ensure visitors to your site know exactly what you do. A great way to do this is in task 2…
  2. Do you have a value proposition? A value proposition tells your customers what you do and why they should buy a product or service from you. It should be clear, concise and prominent on your homepage. This article explains how to create a good value proposition, and I recommend that if you don’t have one you should add one to your homepage.
  3. Are your calls to action clear? Take a good look at the buttons on your homepage, are they clear and do they tell the user what is going to happen when they click them e.g. Add to cart or Call now. Button text should always start with a verb as clicking a button should always result in an action.
  4. Do your images reflect your business? Are your images high quality, in keeping with your brand and up to date? If not it’s time to replace them!
  5. Do you have a slider/image carousel? If you do you should probably delete it. They take up a lot of space on your page, slow down your website and hardly any visitors will make it past the third slide.1

Once you’ve completed this week’s tasks your website should look refreshed, be easier for users to navigate and will make a better first impression.

Next week we’re going to focus on making sure your website software is up to date and improvements that will make your website faster.

If you have any questions or would like some help updating your website please get in touch and see how we can help you.