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professional product photography

Affordable product photography for e-commerce websites. Whether you sell via Shopify, Amazon, eBay or your own website, high quality packshots are key to showing your product at its best and optimising your conversion rate.

 We offer fixed price product photography. These prices are based on product packshots on a white background and include basic retouching.


Pricing for product photos is calculated per image:
Up to 5 images – £15 per image

6 or more images – £10 per image

For a product image quote contact us with your requirements

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A product image taken for Spice Pots for use on their own Shopify site and Amazon listings.

This image was challenging as the product packaging is highly reflective transparent plastic, and the tins also have a glossy reflective finish. Photo taken on a white backdrop and overexposed 1 stop to wash out the white, and lighting set to minimise reflections. Images supplied as landscape and square crop for use in Amazon, Shopify, and across social media.

Product photography example of dog feeding bowl


This image (of the most gorgeous dog bowls ever) was fun, and challenging to ensure that a white bowl can be presented on a plain white background without losing product detail.


With highly reflective polished stainless steel carabiners, these dog leads were tricky to present in a way which can be square cropped and still have the essence of the leads, clips, and colourful details.

Product photography example of handmade dog leads