18 November 2019

Verdant Spark recently completed work on Spice Pots‘ Shopify website focusing on improving the user experience and fixing issues that were affecting site performance.

As Shopify Partners, Verdant Spark are experts in Shopify development and SEO.


Spice Pots are a small business based in Longniddry, East Lothian. Founded by Melanie Auld in 2014, Spice Pots specialise in premium Indian spice blends that make cooking delicious curries easy.

Spice Pots sell online through their own website,, plus online marketplaces Amazon and Not On The High Street in addition to being stocked in over 400 stores throughout the UK.

Having tried the Goan and Korma spice blends we can confirm Spice Pots really do make delicious curries!

spice pot


We met Melanie at a Business Gateway event in East Lothian when, over coffee, we found out more about Spice Pots and also the issues she was having with her current website.

Developed by a design agency now out of business, the Shopify site was suffering from loss of functionality, some general styling issues, and plugin apps not working as expected.

After the event we undertook an audit of the website to establish a more comprehensive list of visible issues and had a follow-up meeting at Spice Pots HQ to discuss these plus the changes that Melanie wanted to see.

The principal aim was to get the Spice Pots website firing on all cylinders prior to the busy Christmas retail period and for Verdant Spark to complete the work as quickly as possible.


We broadly split the changes into two blocks, covering basic functional changes, and design improvements. Roughly these broke down as follows:

Functional ChangesDesign Improvements
Fix the functionality of a plugin menu appFix anchor link styling throughout
Remove the existing dysfunctional header and footer bannersChange ‘checkout’ text on header to basket icon
Apply new top banner with shipping notice (app)Fix YouTube video rendered container size
Apply Mailchimp subscription popupChange header main navigation text to uppercase
Apply links to product images to product pageChange background image to white
Fix hover image for product thumbnailsHarmonise menu fonts
Add ‘continue shopping’ button to shopping cartHarmonise button fonts
Re-style top banner to save space
Fix header icon/image background colour to match header

All the issues were resolved by fixing existing problems with the store’s theme and liquid templates, and adding extra stylesheet rules to gain more control over individual elements.

There were a few variants of colours and fonts at play, so we harmonised these throughout the store to give a more consistent feel which was aligned with brand.

One larger change was reworking the existing site logo to sit better in the store’s header and styling the menu app to match the branding.


The Spice Pots website prior to any development work


Note the improvements to the logo and menu bar, consistent fonts and colours across the site and improved user experience as a result of clear links, changes to layout and buttons.

The improved Spice Pots website

In addition to the development work, Verdant Spark advised changes to the home page content which would improve the site loading speed and help users navigate the site.

We also advised Spice Pots to install a reviews app which would automatically email review requests to customers and display reviews on product pages.

Customer reviews are an excellent source of social proof and are a useful addition to product pages to help improve conversion rates.


The result was a refreshed Spice Pots website which has brand consistency, full functionality, and a happy client heading into the busiest time of year when her website is the last thing she wants to be worrying about.

From a user experience perspective, the site looks more polished, is easier to navigate and allows the user to focus on the products and recipes on the website.


For e-commerce websites, any issues that users have when browsing the site can affect the conversion rate; slow page loading speeds, broken links, apps not working as expected or difficulty navigating the site.

Site speeds have been shown to have a large impact on conversion rates, in one study a page load speed of 2.4 seconds had a conversion rate of 1.9% but when the speed increased over 4.2 seconds the conversion rate dropped below 1%.1

The last thing you want as a retailer is customers leaving your website before making a purchase so ensuring all aspects of the user experience are as seamless as possible should be a priority for all e-commerce sites.


As Shopify Partners, we are experts in creating and maintaining Shopify sites.

If you have a Shopify website and feel that it’s not quite working as you’d like, or requires some maintenance to give it more polish please get in touch and see what Verdant Spark can do to help you.